NO. 15 (MARCH 2014)

Disaster Management in Island Regions as a Development Subject: Examples from the Caribbean Islands Region.
Yosuke Okita

Contributions of Financial Institutions to Regional Economic Development.
Kiyotsugu Yoshihara

Thinking of “swine” in the Corsican society (France).
Hideki Hasegawa

Issues Surrounding Organization and Operation of Regional Autonomies after Merger: In the Case of “Town Planning Council” of Kure City (Bridged Islands Region), Hiroshima.

Regional Woman’s Association and Gender: A case study of Odana community at Yamato-village in Amami-Oshima.
Qing Zhi JI

【Research Notes】
An Introduction to Nissology: Definitions, Approach and Taxonomy.
Hiroshi Kakazu