NO. 16 (MARCH 2015)

Overall Optimization of Islands Area, and Construction Technology: Considering about the Effect by Building a Bridge to Irabujima Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
Yoshihiro Kuronuma

The Current Situation of the Fishery-related Laws Violation and the Correspondence of the Fisheries.
Takashi Torii

Movements Supporting the Improvement of the Quality of Life in the Post-War Era: A Case Study of Regional Women’s Associations in Yamato Village on Amami Island.
Qing Zhi JI

【Research Notes】
Examination of Organizational Framework and Restructuring Process of Self-governing organization due to the Establishment of “Regional Autonomies” after Merger: In the Case of Etajima City (Bridged Islands Region), Hiroshima.
Tomoko Yamada

An Introduction to Nissology(2): Characteristics and Development Potentials of Island Societies. Hiroshi Kakazu

【Documents and Archives】
Sightseeing of the Remote Islands in Japan: On the Number of Sightseeing, Staying Guests, Service Industry Persons at Work, Number Change.

【Book Reviews】
Hitoshi NAKAMATA (2014): Tonaki-jima (Tonaki Island): Its Land Dividing System and the Conservation of Historical Landscapes.
Satoshi Suyama

Satoshi SUYAMA (2014): Regional Characteristics of Amami Oshima Island: From Various Viewpoints of Undergraduate students
Akira Takagi