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Welcome to our English site of the JSIS (the Japan Society of Island Studies), whose Japanese name is Nihon-Tosho-Gakkai. JSIS is an academic non-profit society composed of more than 200 members who are interested in or fascinated about the island. And founded in 1997. The most remarkable character of our group is that members without university scholars (mainly islanders), are more than half of the Society. However we have an authentic academic career through research conference and publication of every year. The member are mainly touching Japanese islands, but someone are strongly interested in foreign islands. We are seeking to keeping in touch with some academic groups in foreign countries.

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  • The Journal of Island Studies

JSIS’s annual research journal ISSN 4-9901698-75-3025

  • Nissology

JSIS’s annual report of its activities ISSN 4-9901698-83-3025

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  • JSIS Newsletter

JSIS’s seasonal bulletin of its activites.

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