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VOL. 17, NO. 2 (AUGUST, 2016)

The Approach of Geotourism in Mishima Kikai Caldera Geopark, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
FUKAMI Satoshi

Consideration of Economics about the Market of an Island that is Effected by Remote Island Bridging: In Order to Regain the Lost Market after Crosslinking.
KURONUMA Yoshihiro

【Research Note】
An Introduction of Nissology (4): In Search of the Appropriate Sustainable Island Technology.
KAKAZU Hiroshi

VOL. 17, NO.1 (FEBRUARY, 2016) *From this issue, we have shifted to a biannual publication.

On Structural Features of “Paradise” Tourist Sites: Simulacre, Vulnerability, and Touristic Domination.

The Era of the “Irregular-trading (hensoku-boueki)”: An Aspect of Japan-Korea Exchange in Tsushima, 1955-1968.

Greenland, the Island of Military Bases: Negotiations for Turning the Island into a Missile Ddefence Stronghold.

【Research Notes】
Distribution and Cultivation Practices of Capsicum pubescens on the Islands of Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi, Indonesia.

An Introduction to Nissology: In Search for the Models of Sustainable Island Development. KAKAZU Hiroshi

National Security around Islands: The United Kingdom-Argentina Tensions Rising Again and the Future.
KANDA Hidenobu

NO. 16 (MARCH 2015)

Overall Optimization of Islands Area, and Construction Technology: Considering about the Effect by Building a Bridge to Irabujima Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
Yoshihiro Kuronuma

The Current Situation of the Fishery-related Laws Violation and the Correspondence of the Fisheries.
Takashi Torii

Movements Supporting the Improvement of the Quality of Life in the Post-War Era: A Case Study of Regional Women’s Associations in Yamato Village on Amami Island.
Qing Zhi JI

【Research Notes】
Examination of Organizational Framework and Restructuring Process of Self-governing organization due to the Establishment of “Regional Autonomies” after Merger: In the Case of Etajima City (Bridged Islands Region), Hiroshima.
Tomoko Yamada

An Introduction to Nissology(2): Characteristics and Development Potentials of Island Societies. Hiroshi Kakazu

【Documents and Archives】
Sightseeing of the Remote Islands in Japan: On the Number of Sightseeing, Staying Guests, Service Industry Persons at Work, Number Change.

【Book Reviews】
Hitoshi NAKAMATA (2014): Tonaki-jima (Tonaki Island): Its Land Dividing System and the Conservation of Historical Landscapes.
Satoshi Suyama

Satoshi SUYAMA (2014): Regional Characteristics of Amami Oshima Island: From Various Viewpoints of Undergraduate students
Akira Takagi

NO. 15 (MARCH 2014)

Disaster Management in Island Regions as a Development Subject: Examples from the Caribbean Islands Region.
Yosuke Okita

Contributions of Financial Institutions to Regional Economic Development.
Kiyotsugu Yoshihara

Thinking of “swine” in the Corsican society (France).
Hideki Hasegawa

Issues Surrounding Organization and Operation of Regional Autonomies after Merger: In the Case of “Town Planning Council” of Kure City (Bridged Islands Region), Hiroshima.

Regional Woman’s Association and Gender: A case study of Odana community at Yamato-village in Amami-Oshima.
Qing Zhi JI

【Research Notes】
An Introduction to Nissology: Definitions, Approach and Taxonomy.
Hiroshi Kakazu

NO. 14 (SEPTEMBER 2013)

Sustainability of the Limited Resources in the Island Achieved by Application of Construction Technology: In Considering about the Underground Dam Construction in Taramajima Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
Yoshihiro KURONUMA

Adieu Foulard, Adieu Madras and the Birth of French Caribean Diaspora.

A Comparative Study on Disaster-Prevention of the Elderly in Amami Oshima: From the Disaster Experience of People in Chinase and Nishinakama Villages.
Xian-Chen MENG

【Documents and Archives】
Marine Product Industry of the Remote Islands in Japan: On the Fisheries: On the Fisheries Outputs and Fishing Boats Powers, Marine Production Types.

Okinawa in the Asia Pacific: Thriving Locally in a Globalized World.
Hiroshi KAKAZU

Sakida MITSUNOBU (2012): The Policy of Sugar Production in Amami Islands and Funds for the Overthrowing of the Shogunate.
Satoshi SUYAMA

NO. 13 (JANUARY 2013)

In Memory of Late Prof. Yoshimasa Yamashina, the Founder of The Japan Society of Island Studies. Yuji SUZUKI

Total Utility of Islands Increasing by Compositing Construction Technology: A Case Study of the Underground Dam Construction Effects in Miyakojima Region, Okinawa Prefecture.
Yoshihiro KURONUMA

Inheritance Activities of the Local Community Arts: Initiative of Schools, in Amami Oshima Island

【Research Notes】
Consumer’s Food Selection Standards in Remote Island: A Case of Aogashima Island.

On the Effects of the Traffic Irregularity between Island and Mainland for Islanders Lives: A Case Study in Awashima Island, Niigata Prefecture

【Book Review】
Masami YUGE, Masao IWATA, Takashi IIDA and Kiyomi NAKAYAMA (2012): Past and Present of Naze City: From Pictorial Maps to Cadastral Maps.
Satoshi SUYAMA

No.12(March 2012)


Present Situation and Problems of the Approach to Secure Fishery Human Resources Taken by Fukue Fisheries Cooperative , Goto Islands.
Takashi TORII

Evaluations of the Islanders’ Lives in the Bridged Island : A Case Study of Kouri-jima, Okinawa.

【Documents and Archives】
Agriculture of the Remote Islands in Japan : On the Agricultural Production Types in 1960-2005.

【Book Review】
Board of Education, China-Cho ed.(2011) : Amami Islands in the Edo Era : From the “Ryukyu” to the “Satsuma”.
Satoshi SUYAMA

No.11(March 2011)


A Joint U.S.-Japan Development Project of Iriomote Island during U.S. Occupation : A Historical Study of Development Policy for the Periphery of Okinawa.
Masaki OCHI

【Research Notes】
Molluscan Biodiversity in Replanted and Natural Mangrove Forests : A Study on the Island of Viti Levu in Fiji.

A Paradox of Eco-Tourism in Bali, Republic of Indonesia.

Characteristic and Change of Economic Structure on the Small Islands, Amami and Okinawa.
Hisamitsu MIYAUCHI

No.9 (September 2009)


Structural Positionality and the Development and Decline of Tourism in a “Paradise” Resort : An
Ethnographic Study of Island of Yunnu(Yoron-jima) in the Context of Okinawan Tourist Area.

【Documents and Archives】
An Analysis of the Responses to the Travel Brochure of a Solitary Island : In the Case of Yonaguni Island.
Masami ASAKAWA , Masao OKANO

Island Sustainability : Challenges and Opportunities for Okinawa and Other Pacific Islands in a Global World.
Hiroshi KAKAZU

【Book Review】
Ryuta IMAFUKU(2008) : Aspects of Archipelagic World.

No.8(December 2008)


Problems of the EC/EU in Greenland and its Orientation to “Self-Decision” : Why Did “Conversion” after the 1990’s Happen?

Nutrition-Related Non-Communicable Disease in Fiji and the South Pacific Islands.

【Book Review】
Syun ISHIHARA(2007) : The Japanese Empire and the Ogasawara/Bonin Islands : Socio-Historical Studies on the Naturalized People’s Encounters with Sovereign Powers.

【Documents and Archives】
Some Problems on International Comparative Studies of Island.