No.6(September 2006)


The Seclution Policy (Sakoku) of Tokugawa Government and its Significance of Contemporary Problems.

ON the Introduction of Administrative Reform Proposal on Prefecutural Integration and Okinawa’s Autonomy State.
Tomohiko TAMAKI

The Current Status of Special Goods Pruduction and the Role of the Wholesalers in Okinawa.
Hisamitsu MIYAUCHI

Networking Island Societies under Globalization : The Case of the Pacific Islands.
Hiroshi KAKAZU

New Insularity by Digital Divide and Exodus of the Public Center : How to Conquer their Handicap and Anxiousness by Double Effects in Japan.
Shunsuke NAGASHIMA, Kazuaki BAMBA, Hiroaki ADACHI

Narashino Captive’s Camp and the Return of Pohnpei (formerly Ponape) Captives : The Potential of Oral History.

【Book Review】
Tsuneichi MIYAMOTO: Field Note on Fishermans’ Village and Fishery in Osaka Prefecture 1949-1950, (Reprint, 2005), ―: Field Note on Fishermans’ Village and Fishery in Hiroshima Prefecture 1949-1950, (Reprint, 2005).