VOL. 22, NO. 2 (AUGUST, 2021)

【Special Article】
Medical Care in Tokyo Remote Islands: Elucidating Its Past,Present, and Future III Current Status and Prospects from the Perspective of the Islands Community Healthcare Concept Coordination Meeting
KOYAMA, Shigeru

Changes in Natural Use and Residents’ Awareness in Sumiyo Town, Amami City
SONG, Dajeon

Facts and Regional Differences of the Priests in the Northern Part of Okinawa Island: Connection Between the Priests and the Priestess

【Research Note】
The Reason Why It Is Difficult to Implement Maritime Domain Awareness on Takeshima Nearby Waters
NONAKA, Kenichi

Medical Plants in Okinoerabu Island: Chemistry and Pharmacology of Bioactivities

A Consideration of Proactive and Preventive measures against COVID-19 on Small-Sized Remote Islands in Japan: Focusing on the Current Conditions and Situations of Healthcare and School Education
KIZUKA, Masataka

【Book Reviews】