The Journal of Island Studies

JSIS’s annual research journal


  • No.12(March 2012)
    【Articles】 Present Situation and Problems of the Approach to Secure Fishery Human Resources Taken by Fukue Fisheries Cooperative , Goto Islands. Takashi TORII Evaluations of the Islanders’ Lives in the Bridged Island : A Case Study of Kouri-jima, Okinawa. Akemi MAEHATA 【Documents and Archives】 Agriculture of the Remote Islands in Japan : On the Agricultural Production Types in 1960-2005. Kazuo OKUNO 【Book Review】 Board of Education, China-Cho ed.(2011) : Amami Islands in the Edo Era : From the “Ryukyu” to the “Satsuma”. Satoshi SUYAMA
  • No.11(March 2011)
    【Articles】 A Joint U.S.-Japan Development Project of Iriomote Island during U.S. Occupation : A Historical Study of Development Policy for the Periphery of Okinawa. Masaki OCHI 【Research Notes】 Molluscan Biodiversity in Replanted and Natural Mangrove Forests : A Study on the Island of Viti Levu in Fiji. Kei KAWAI A Paradox of Eco-Tourism in Bali, Republic of Indonesia. Takeya YOSHIDA Characteristic and Change of Economic Structure on the Small Islands, Amami and Okinawa. Hisamitsu MIYAUCHI
  • No.9 (September 2009)
    【Articles】 Structural Positionality and the Development and Decline of Tourism in a “Paradise” Resort : An Ethnographic Study of Island of Yunnu(Yoron-jima) in the Context of Okinawan Tourist Area. Takeya YOSHIDA 【Documents and Archives】 An Analysis of the Responses to the Travel Brochure of a Solitary Island : In the Case of Yonaguni Island. Masami ASAKAWA , Masao OKANO Island Sustainability : Challenges and Opportunities for Okinawa and Other Pacific Islands in a Global World. Hiroshi KAKAZU 【Book Review】 Ryuta IMAFUKU(2008) : Aspects of Archipelagic World. Yuki SATO
  • No.8(December 2008)
    【Articles】 Problems of the EC/EU in Greenland and its Orientation to “Self-Decision” : Why Did “Conversion” after the 1990’s Happen? Minori TAKAHASHI 【Notes】 Nutrition-Related Non-Communicable Disease in Fiji and the South Pacific Islands. Yukihiro HASHIGUCHI 【Book Review】 Syun ISHIHARA(2007) : The Japanese Empire and the Ogasawara/Bonin Islands : Socio-Historical Studies on the Naturalized People’s Encounters with Sovereign Powers. Yuki SATO 【Documents and Archives】 Some Problems on International Comparative Studies of Island. Keiichi TAKEUCHI
  • No.7(March 2008)
    【Articles】 Fisheries and Marine Environments in the Coastal Area in the Island Coexisting Mangrove Forest and Coral Reef : A Case Study at the Village in Viti Levu Island, Republic of the Fiji Islands. Kei KAWAI, Toru KOBARI, Hisaya MANABE, Leon ZANN Ichthyofauna around Coastal Area Coexisting Mangrove Forest and Coral Reef in Viti Levu Island, Fiji. Hisaya MANABE, Toru KOBARI, Kei KAWAI, Leon ZANN Island Sustainability Risks by Calamities in Japan : Nissological Risk Management and Case Study in Historical Events. Shunsuke NAGASHIMA Social Carrying Capacity for Sustainable Island Tourism : The Case Study of Okinawa. Hiroshi KAKAZU
  • No.6(September 2006)
    【Articles】 The Seclution Policy (Sakoku) of Tokugawa Government and its Significance of Contemporary Problems. Hideo KANEMITSU ON the Introduction of Administrative Reform Proposal on Prefecutural Integration and Okinawa’s Autonomy State. Tomohiko TAMAKI The Current Status of Special Goods Pruduction and the Role of the Wholesalers in Okinawa. Hisamitsu MIYAUCHI Networking Island Societies under Globalization : The Case of the Pacific Islands. Hiroshi KAKAZU New Insularity by Digital Divide and Exodus of the Public Center : How to Conquer their Handicap and Anxiousness by Double Effects in Japan. Shunsuke NAGASHIMA, Kazuaki BAMBA, Hiroaki ADACHI Narashino Captive’s Camp and the Return of Pohnpei (formerly Ponape) Captives : The Potential of Oral History. Chizuko KAWAMURA 【Book ...
  • No.5(March 2005)
    【Articles】 An Approach to the Small Islands Problem: An Introduction. Hideo KANEMITSU Toward Construction of the Resource-Circulating Type System in Islands: Composting of Livestock Excretion. Hajime OSHIRO Islands Need “Food Self-Sufficiency Ability”. Yukihiro HASHIGUCHI Eyes to the Forest: World Natural Heritage and the Perspective of Tourism Development in Yaku Island. Hisao SEKINE The State Islands Shipping Transport Seen from Life Security : Proposal of Autonomous and Sustainability Transport Model through Analysis of Amami- Islands. Norihisa KANEDA On Socio-Economic Changes in Bridged Island : A Case Study on Hamahiga-jima, Okinawa. Akemi MAEHATA The Establishment of Community-Welfare System and Island Promotion in Hateruma- Island : A Research by Questionnaire on Household Management and Mutual Help ...
  • No.4(December 2003)
    【Articles】 Issues of Welfare for the Elderly and Utilization of Information Technology on Isolated Islands. Yoshihisa GOTO, Sachiko HIRAKAWA The Islanders’ Governance and Endurance toward Man-Made Calamity under Industrial Civilization. Shunsuke NAGASHIMA, Hiroaki ADACHI, Hiromi NAGASAKA The Staying-Longer Style of Eco-Tourism in Yaku Island. Satoshi FUKAMI, Yusuke SAKATA, Shigemitsu SIBASAKI The Role of the Bridge Connecting the Islands of Hamahiga and Okinawa. Hisamitsu MIYAUCHI, Jun SHIMOZATO The Birth of Kanak People. Yoko ORYU 【Notes】 Present Situation and Problems of Rural Tourism in Iwo-Jima, Kagoshima Prefecture. Norihiro TANIGAWA 【Book Review】 Shigeru KOBAYASHI(2003) : Agriculture, Landscape and Disaster in Ryukyu Island; Historical Perspectives on Environment. Keiichi TAKEUCHI Akitoshi HIRAOKA ed.(2003) : Research into People, Life and Industry of Japanese ...
  • No.3(October 2002)
    【Articles】 Issues of Self-Reliant Development of Island Econnomies. Hiroshi KAKAZU Amami Islands’ Development Projects and its Effects on the Economic and Social System. Takeichi MINAMURA Historical Transition of Representation of Micronesia and the South Sea Islands. Hajime SENJU The French Overseas Departments and the Process. Yoko ORYU 【Notes】 A Note on Daily Life Facilities and Residents’ Behavior in Yonaguni Island. Ryota HITOTSUYANAGI Autonomy of Aland Islands and its Problem. Hideki HASEGAWA
  • No.2(March 2001)
    【Articles】 Institutional Reform of Corsica(France) and its Controversies : A Consideration of Transformations in State-Island Relations. Hideki HASEGAWA A Study of the Number of Hours that Residents of Remote Islands Can Stay in the Nearby Major City. Hisamitsu MIYAUCHI 【Notes】 Problems of Waste Disposal in the Islands. Hajime TOZAKI
  • No.1(March 2000)
    Prologue Yoshimasa YAMASHINA 【Articles】 Island World and Fishing Culture with Special Reference to Entry Rights and Territoriality in Fishing. Tomoya AKIMICHI A Comparative Study of Personal Restoration and Redevelopment : Uu-Jima, Oominase-Jima, Ote-Shima and Yuri-Shima. Shunsuke NAGASHIMA On a Question of Autonomy in an Island Region : A Case of Corsica(France). Hideki HASEGAWA The Present Conditions of Fishery and its Employment Structure in Nishino-Shima Island, Shimane Prefecture. Kohei ORO Consolidation of Information Basis for Regional Development : Air Lines as the Infrastructure of New Era. Hajime TOZAKI Effects of Promoting an Isolated Island as a Place for Exchange and Studies : A Setouchi Seaside Study of Nogutsuna-Island in Ehime Prefecture. Tomoko YAMADA Water, Land ...