NO. 14 (SEPTEMBER 2013)

Sustainability of the Limited Resources in the Island Achieved by Application of Construction Technology: In Considering about the Underground Dam Construction in Taramajima Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
Yoshihiro KURONUMA

Adieu Foulard, Adieu Madras and the Birth of French Caribean Diaspora.

A Comparative Study on Disaster-Prevention of the Elderly in Amami Oshima: From the Disaster Experience of People in Chinase and Nishinakama Villages.
Xian-Chen MENG

【Documents and Archives】
Marine Product Industry of the Remote Islands in Japan: On the Fisheries: On the Fisheries Outputs and Fishing Boats Powers, Marine Production Types.

Okinawa in the Asia Pacific: Thriving Locally in a Globalized World.
Hiroshi KAKAZU

Sakida MITSUNOBU (2012): The Policy of Sugar Production in Amami Islands and Funds for the Overthrowing of the Shogunate.
Satoshi SUYAMA